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News Worm is a news aggregator whose main difference over other RSS managers is that it runs as an independent application, listing all the content you follow by category. When you click on a particular window, your browser will open a default window with that content.

This application provides a very simple, practical interface that will display all your feeds and their news stories once you expand the tab you've placed them in. Whenever you start following a media outlet or a blog it will appear in your list and, once opened, you'll be able to read all the headlines.

However, if you want to access content you should read it from your browser. This tool is so simple that it just shows you today's headlines so you can pick what you want to read on the Internet, customizing your viewing system.

From the main window you'll be able to add feeds, export them as an XML file, add your favorites, mark which you've read, copy the news stories' URLs, and even share them by email. All the basic functions you need if you're looking for a practical, straightforward RSS reader.

- 14-day trial version.

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